What Others Are Saying About Our Ciders

From the Horse's Mouth

Sure, we can tell you our ciders are made from the finest West Country apples and carefully made to a unique recipe. We can tell you about who we are and why we do what we do. We can even show you the awards we have won.

But in the end, nothing matters more to us than what you, our customers, think. So we love to hear what you have to say about our cider. Below are a few of your comments - why not add your own to them by liking our Facebook page and telling us what you think?

"Raspberry and Orange fab taste xx"


"Just tried all the ciders at the Ax Vale festival in Axminster today loved them all and currently enjoying a glass of original as I write this. I have to say after traveling around the UK and Ireland over the last three weeks and trying many ciders along the way, your elderflower cider is the best I have tasted to date!"


"Best cider ever, know what we will be drinking from now on! Thank you very much!"


"Norcotts Elderflower cider is the best!"


"Great to see you at the Newbury show, I purchased your gift box with 4 bottles in best money I have spent. I will be buying more."


"Just tasted this at Newbury Show - the best pear cider I have ever drunk!"


"Great drink to start a night on."


"Amazing, pear cider the best ever, and i have tried a few. Will be visiting the fridge for more supplies."


"Drinking some of your Raspberry and Orange. It's so good!"


"The elderflower cider is amazing!"


"Met the man behind the cider today at The Full Moon, Stokes Croft and tasted some of the cider and had a pint of the cranberry, blooming lovely! Fab product and will defo drink again!!"


"The best cider I ever had love all of them. Best of all the cranberry one."


Norcotts Elderflower Cider in Glass
I tried the elderflower cider in Weymouth and it's amazing. When these guys go online I'm getting a case, it was THAT good...