• A Taste of the West Country

    A Taste of the West Country

    Taste of the West 2013 Silver AwardTaste of the West 2013 Gold Award Great news, Norcotts Ciders have been awarded 2 silver and 1 gold at the annual Taste of the West awards!

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  • Norcotts Original Cider

    Norcotts Original Cider

    This cider is made with a special blend of bittersweet apples, along with dessert apples to give this cider a very balanced "appley" finish, with good depth and colour.

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  • Norcotts Pear Cider

    Norcotts Pear Cider

    Norcotts Pear Cider is not too sweet and overpowering - just a subtle pear flavour with traditional undertones of cider coming through on the palate.

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  • Norcotts Elderflower Cider

    Norcotts Elderflower Cider

    This Elderflower Cider has a clear, clean taste with hints of green apple and a traditional eldeflower cordial - but this one packs a punch!

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  • Norcotts Cranberry Cider

    Norcotts Cranberry Cider

    Imagine an easy drinking champagne rosé - sharp yet sweet, this cider carries a dry, unmistakeable cranberry endnote.

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  • Norcotts Raspberry & Orange Cider

    Norcotts Raspberry & Orange Cider

    Sweet raspberry with a crisp, citrus counterpoint gives this cider a tutti-frutti taste - only for grown ups!

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Traditional & Fruit Cider - Reloaded

Since March 2012, Norcotts Cider has been turning tastebuds upside down wherever it goes. Created using a unique recipe developed by Cider Supremo Chris Norcott, Norcotts Ciders come in both traditional Apple and Pear varieties along with the more unusual fruit cider flavours of Elderflower, Cranberry and the very special Raspberry & Orange. While many fruit ciders are overly sweet with hints of saccharine, the Norcotts range is consistently refreshing and light with no unpleasant aftertaste.

Norcotts Cider are based in Honiton, Devon and only use locally sourced ingredients from around the West Country - the home of real cider. Each flavour uses only natural colours and flavourings with no artificial sweeteners. The result is something truly unique and astonishing - which 3 Taste of the West 2013 awards prove, along with the scores of positive comments we have received from tasters around the UK.

But don't take our word for it, try a bottle for yourself!

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